Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I'm well aware that it's been forever and a half since you've had any word of what's going on with ol' DFear. So – THIS IS YOUR MEGA UPDATE.


I've been kinda busy. Taking pictures of Spider-Man? Look, I want us to be friends, Harry, I want us trust each other. So let's get off that subject.

Now, I started 2013 writing Wolf into a feature length script, which you may or may not have known. Got some attention from a professor/HUGE Hollywood manager, and since then have met and been in contact with him – though nothing is “happening” yet, per say. Wolf was just a first draft, isn't quite ready, and we've moved onto other ideas. So skip ahead through my semester of school work and heartbreak and finishing Ellie Heart and more heartbreak then Playlist Live then NFFTY 2013 – and we've landed at this summer, where that HUGE Hollywood manager guy, along with the chair of NYU's film department, hooked me up with some crazy internships, yo. I just spent my summer, two hole big ol' cheek bouncin' months, in Los Angeles by myself – zipping around the Warner Brothers backlot, reading scripts at a management agency, and being generally exhausted every day of the week. It's been the culmination of a crazy 8 months of progress, and I'm hanging my feet over the ledge of some really big things. But I will say, whole heartedly: I've missed y'all like so much u no.

So all that being said, my busy-ness and internet absence aside, here's the good news: there are, right now, SEVEN PROJECTS screaming “KILL THE BEAST” that are about to swing a battering ram through the massive oak doors of your stormy haunted butt castle. Good news indeed.

(I SHOULD SAY I will not be giving release dates here. I'm simply gonna lay out the play for the next five months, and what happens will happen. I'm sure there will be deviations, and I'm sure things won't work out exactly as planned, but, the way these things are lined up... we're kind of already full steam ahead.)


Hans the Lifeguard 2 – A magical six minute Hans tale. You're not ready for this. It's totally edited. Needs music, sound effects, and visual effects. God help you all.

Hero – The morning before a superhero sets off on his first showdown, Ferris Bueller style. Totally edited, and most sound effects are in. Needs to be scored and has a few visual effects. Hits a little over 12 minutes as DFear Studios' 10th short film! Well, 10th shot, but the 9th released. You get Ellie Heart in...


Ellie Heart – Finally. But don't worry, funders, you'll be seeing it way sooner than you think. This movie is done-zo. It's a 20-minute monster that's just been sitting and waiting, but due to the previously-mentioned summer of craziness, it hadn't been given the attention it needed to be properly distributed and such. Prep yourselves, y'all, I hope you think it's worth the wait. :)


The Secret Halloween Project – That's right. After two years sitting in the DFear Vault, Jack Howard of England did a killer cut. And once we throw it in black and white and slam in a score by yours truly, this sick little 8-minute Halloween flick will be ready to get you in that spooky seasonal mood.


The Lazer Collection 6 – Yep. Goin' back to the roots of what made lazers funny, this is gonna be a tight little 3 minute blast of lazer fun... which leads us also to...

THE OCTOGONAPUS SAGA EPISODE 1 – Remember when I asked you to vote on what you wanted for Lazer 6? I was kind of tricking you. 'Cause when papa Dom asked if you wanted ice cream or cake, he was really hiding an ice cream cake in the back of the freezer. Dats right, y'all, the WORLD'S FAVORITE DOCTOR is getting his very own longterm series. Planned out as a goofy animated adventure mystery, the saga has a foreseeable future of, at most, 10 episodes in the first “season.” The plan is to release one every month (or two,) at about 2-4 minutes a piece with the same arcing story. Get pumped, 'cause this is how I'll meet all of you in the middle -- because while it'll continue the stupid tone of Lazer 3's story, I'm mapping this thing out to make sure it has the ability to make you go “oh shit” when there's a development. Cross your fingers that this can be sustained, because honestly, I'm still not sure. But it's a blast.


Deck'd: Missing XMas – Still a work in progress, this would be a 5-minute Peter and Hark musical side adventure. Takes place sometime between Deck'd 2 and 3. I know Tim and I are pretty pumped about revisiting Peter and Hark for at least one more song.


I think that covers it. Love you dorks a whole lot. You've been more than patient, and I appreciate it. I can only ask that as I'm sure we'll have times of particular struggle, try to remember I'm still just some dude on a computer. I'm 21, still in college, and on the unstable edge of an “actual” career, whatever that means. The sequence of life is always gonna be bonkers, so I'll do my best to stay on track. But help me out! Encourage me, send fan art, send emails, ask me about the projects! Let's use the rest of this year to make you remember why you've even stuck around my crazy little YouTube channel.

Bear with me, guys. It's all about to hit.